Tbili Sio is a café and secret public garden in the center of the city. Located in the secluded Wine Factory No1 complex, the ambiance is the main draw here. It’s a very cool, trendy spot that is perfect for Instagram photos. There is a beautiful swing set outside where you can have some childlike fun while you wait for your order. Tbili Sio also serves some great food- Where.ge recommends their vegetarian options and homemade lemonades!

The service is, at times, a bit slow, but if you’re not in a hurry, it comes off as more relaxed than incompetent. The name, a clever play on words in Georgian, splits the capital’s name into two words that mean warm breeze.

Additional Info


1 Petriashvili Str., Tbilisi


(+995) 599 63 38 11


12 PM – 1 AM Mon-Sat, 

9 AM – 1 AM Sunday