Success is Tbilisi's only official gay bar. It lauds itself as a space free of homo/bi/trans-phobia. There is one simple rule here: "Guests are required to treat other people with respect, regardless of their gender identity, sexual orientation, sexual characteristics, gender expressions or other status of personality."

There are live DJs almost every night, pumping out hot electronic jams. Young partiers, mostly men, writhe and convulse under neon red lights - some dressed defiantly queer, reveling in this rare public safe space, others look like anyone you would see on the street. The bar is larger than it looks from the outside, tucked into a side street near Rustaveli metro, hiding two levels inside with a bar downstairs and a lounge upstairs. 

A review of the bar sums it up well: "Success Bar physically showcases the important intersection of buzzing electro music, sexual liberal values, and exciting nightlife. Every tourist with the desire to understand Tbilisi in more depth is greeted and welcomed."


Additional Info


3 Vashlovani Str., Tbilisi



Tuesday, Wed. 9 PM - 4 AM, 

Thursday - Sun. 9 PM - 5 AM