SOPLIDAN.GE is a website that makes it easy to order fresh produce and meat for home delivery in Tbilisi. 

In Georgian, soplidan means "from the village," where most people agree the best food comes from! Many of Soplidan's products are organic, and the website describes where the food you're buying was grown. 

Next-day delivery on orders of over 30 GEL is free. It's a little on the pricier side, so hitting that 30 GEL won't be hard, but there is a large variety of products, from 4.70 GEL for 200 grams of butter (comparable to grocery store prices) to 43 GEL for 1 kg of premium quality rump steak. If you're looking to explore Georgian flavors and local products, check out what Soplidan has to offer! 

(+995) 557 47 04 41

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(+995) 557 47 04 41