Sma means "drink"- which you can do plenty of at this small Sololaki bar. But the real gem of the place is its mile-high burgers. Our favorite is the "Secret burger", but sadly we aren't allowed to tell you much about it!

Easy to spot for the outdoor piano, this bar offers a cozy-freindly atmosphere and makes the perfect start point for an evening on the town, or for an after-work beer or two, or three...

We'll leave you with their own words to sum up the atmosphere of the place: "The noises of the bar make an orchestra. It can be extremely loud and incredibly quiet at the same time. Everyone performs his solo part while the rest of the world keeps silence. We really love our orchestra and are glad to meet every new person because those who come to us make us."

Additional Info


48 L. Asantiani Str., Tbilisi


(+995) 595 85 05 54



7 PM - 1 AM