Ancient, Undisturbed History

Dark brown towers rise out of the hillside, surrounded by rocky mountains and a raging river. It is easy to imagine 17th-century warriors watching you through the spy holes in the tower walls as you approach the unusual village of Shatili. Perched on the slopes of the Greater Caucasus mountains close to the border with Chechnya, Shatili village is a unique medieval fortress consisting of 60 terraced towers. Once part of the Kingdom of Kakheti, the village was one of Georgia’s most impressive strongholds.

Today, history still feels alive in Shatili. Void from tourist ticketing booths and selfie-sticks, the village has retained its authenticity. Visitors are free to roam and explore the towers as they wish. Its history has been well-preserved in part as it is hard to access from Georgia’s biggest cities. Located deep in the Arghuni Gorge, the road to Shatili is poorly developed and there are no direct marshrutka. However, you can reach this incredible village by 4x4. Those who make the effort, are rewarded with a trip back in time.

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