Sakhachapure means something like “for khachapuri” in Georgian, and can be seen written on the signs of many small bakeries throughout the country. This place, however, declares itself number one. Khachapuri, or cheese bread, is one of Georgia’s national classics. It comes it several varieties – the simple, on-the-go favorite Imeretian khachapuri, the slightly more indulgent double layered cheese Megrelian khachapuri, the ooey gooey oh-so-Instagramable Adjarian khachapuri and more – all of which you can try here at Sakhachapure No. 1. Also worth a taste is pkhlovani, which is relatively rare in restaurants, and is especially delicious here. Pkhlovani is a type of khachapuri that blends cheese, spinach, and beetroots for a (slightly) more nutritious and more complexly flavored dish. Fair warning – you might fall irreversibly in love. While there is heated debate about where to find the best Adjarian khachapuri in Tbilisi, many people vote Sakhachapure No. 1 for its consistent quality and generous portion sizes. Even the small size will leave you stuffed for hours!

The restaurant’s interiors aren’t particularly charming or cozy, but the décor is modern, comfortable, clean, and always crowded with locals and tourists side by side, elbow deep in cheese. The menu isn’t only cheese, though – you can find most basic Georgian foods here, including great salads and beans. With your khachapuri, consider ordering a pitcher of Lagidze Water – the carbonated pre-Soviet Georgian soda mixed from glass cones of colorful syrup (my favorite is chocolate!). Prices are reasonable but especially for non-khachapuri items like salad and wine, more expensive than you would expect...

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 5 Shota Rustaveli Ave., Tbilisi; 

Galleria Mall food court 

(at 2/4 Rustaveli Ave.)


(+995) 322 60 15 01


Daily 10 AM – 11 PM