The Best Khachapuri in Town?

Soft melted cheese and crispy freshly baked bread topped with a cracked egg and generous chunk of butter. There are few foods that get the heart-racing quite like khachapuri. The dish is one of Georgia’s most famous plates at home and abroad. People love it so much, in fact, that the National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation recently granted it the status of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Georgia. The crown for Georgia’s best khachapuri is hotly contested. With just the right balance of filling and bread, many Tbilisians swear by Retro.

The friendly restaurant offers a range of Georgian cuisine, but it is the freshly-baked khachapuri that steals the show. Retro serves good and simple food without trying to be fancy. Guests tuck into their boat-shaped treat seated at wooden tables. The friendly and attentive staff make the experience even better. We won’t tell you whether or not it is the best khachapuri in Tbilisi, but you should certainly give it a try.

Additional Info


11 Bakhtrioni St., Tbilisi


(+995) 571 51 17 22


10 AM - 11 PM