The short but thrilling 280 meter boat tour through the caves comes after the walking tour, which you can read about here.

After separating from the walking group, having shown your blue tickets to the guide, you'll walk down a zig-zag trail and steps deeper into the cave. At the bottom is a small dock with dividers where you should stand and wait for the tell-tale, dull hum of a motor boat approaching.It appears out of the water and creeps under the very low rock roof. 

Once the driver has tied the metal raft to the dock, you can climb in. Everyone should put on one of the given hard-hats (though if there aren't enough, the driver doesn't seem too fussed- if you knock yourself out on the ceiling, that's your fault in their eyes, I guess!). The hats are one-size, which leaves them rather loose on children even if the strap is done up tight. 

Duck down as the boat heads off into the cave, keeping your eyes open for low-hanging stalactites. The colors and roof spaces are as stunning as the walking tour as you glide almost-silently through the water.The guide won't speak, and it seems there is little information to add to what your walking guide will have told you. 

Over too soon, the boat glides out into the sunshine and round the corner to the docking area, where you should wait for the comfortable bus to take you back to the Visitor Center.

TICKET: Georgian citizen (adult) - 10 GEL, non-Georgian - 15 GEL

Children and students - 5 GEL

Main image: BeqaTours