To remind oneself of a place, event or person, a souvenir (from the French word for ‘memory’) is often an important item. Once the photos are saved and suitcases unpacked, that object will help you remember those memories that will only get better with time, like Georgian wine.

Located just off Freedom Square, this souvenir shop offers a warm and busy atmosphere as you find yourself (for the most part) surrounded by high quality craftsmanship. Not only will you find what you are looking for, but perhaps something you didn’t know you were even looking for.

Often described as ‘the best souvenir shop in Tbilisi’, you will find interesting and unorthodox items, as well as things you might expect like keyrings, ornaments and bookmarks. The items will hold your golden memories of Georgia. The shop also has a hall displaying art works by Georgian artists; these works are for sale, and stretch across various media such as painting, drawing, ceramic, glass and metal.

Prices are on the upper end, but the standards are high and staff are there to not just take your money, but advise you on what is the right item for you, or whom you are buying for. Pop in before you go home!

Additional Info


25 Pushkin Str., Tbilisi


(+995) 599 58 33 51


10 AM – 11.30 PM