Parsek Comic Books and Coffee is a great example of how western culture has taken form in a country like Georgia.

Everywhere we find people who are different, geeks, Parsek Comics is where these people will find solace. With a small shelf of comics for anyone to read and then a bigger selection of comics and manga to purchase it is quite perfect. Unfortunately at the moment most of the selection is in Russian however there are English issues and more on the way, and of course with great power comes great responsibility, so they do offer a relaxing area with coffee and cake to enjoy your purchased comic book or the occasional debate. They also have local comic book art on display and for sale.

Friday nights, the shop becomes a theater for anime enthusiasts and on Saturday evenings they have quests discussing the art and techniques, debates between geeks and much more.

Additional Info


1a Takaishvili Str.,Tbilisi


(+995) 555 69 72 60


9.30 AM - 9 PM