Mutso is a village in Khevsureti, one of Georgia's most beautiful, wild, and remote regions. For the average person, Khevsureti is only accessible during the warmer months, approximately mid-May - mid-October. During the winter, this region, in the Greater Caucasus mountains, is largely snowed in. 

Khevsureti is home to dozens of notable historical artifacts, including medieval castles, towers, and defensive fortresses, places of worship unique to the mountains' pagan-fused Christianity, and ancient grave sites. 

While most visitors spend their time in Shatili, Mutso, just 12 kilometers away, has plenty of offer as well. Mutso is known for its dramatic medieval forts, perched on vertical terraces above the Mutso-Ardoti gorge. The village was a political and military stronghold of Georgian kingdoms, stewarded by the local Khevsur population, known for their strength in battle. 

Today, four fortified towers and thirty fortified houses remain, having undergone a recent $1.4 million restoration by the National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation. While the village was largely abandoned about a century ago, coinciding with Georgia's Soviet occupation, life is now slowly returning with tourism seen as a strong economic prospect. Guest houses and cafes are being built, hoping to draw visitors into this beautiful place and let them spend a few nights soaking in the magic.

Photo: Georgia About

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