Located 770 meters above sea level and stretching over a territory of more than 100 hectares, Mtatsminda Park combines shops, restaurants and noisy attractions with serene places where one can fully relax. However, its main asset is the stunning view of the city, making it the perfect place to snap a few photos. You can even get married there!

The rides on offer in Bombora theme park (spread throughout the Mtatsminda complex) come in three zones: Kids’, Family and Extreme, from busy bees, rollercoasters, a ghost house and trains, to water fun ideal on hot summer days. There are also gaming and shoot-out sections for those inclined, and children can get their faces painted for an extra charge. For the rides, buy a card at the entrance and top it up on the spot (or at booths in the park itself). Rides start at 1.50 GEL.

For food and drink, several stands serve simple fare around the park. recommends the creperie (on Bombora ‘high street’) and the gooey ponchiki donuts in the Funicular Restaurant Complex (also the place to go for more sophisticated dining).

If you’re there to relax, take a stroll along the paved paths, enjoy the views over the city from the central viewpoint or funicular, or leave the complex altogether and head out along the fenced path into the Okrokhana woods.


Drive up from Liberty (Freedom) Square or take a taxi.

Take the 124 bus from Leonidze Street (Liberty Sq.).

Ride the Funicular from Chonkadze Str.

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