Movement is one of the most innovative theaters in Georgia. Many of their productions have minimal speech, making it perfect for a non-Georgian speaker. 

The theater focuses on physical movement, utilizing a network of ropes above the stage area where dancers-cum-acrobats twist and writhe in mesmerizing patterns. The stage itself is simple – a large room with tiered wooden pallets arranged in a circle around the central performance space. In the lobby there is a bar, and you can bring your drinks into the show! It has a very cool-kid art student vibe, and there are always multiple languages mingling in the lobby and outside in the garden before and after a show. 

If you’re looking to get a taste of contemporary Tbilisi arts culture, a show at Movement is a great opportunity. Tickets are very affordable, and can be purchased at

Additional Info


182 Aghmashenebeli Ave., 

Mushtaidi Garden



(+995) 99 43 63 60