The ski season has long been associated with an excuse to drink alcohol at high altitude and party into the night. In Georgia, this tradition is no different. Skiers retreat from a long day on the slopes to the small but inviting dance floor of MK Lounge. The small but cozy venue attracts Georgians and locals alike with its friendly atmosphere and reasonable prices.

Outside, MK Lounge seems like a small bar, but inside there is still enough space to dance after enjoying a few cocktails. Guests enjoy shisha sitting on the relaxed bean bags or red leather sofas. Located in the center of Bukuriani, it is a convenient place to meet with friends for a drink. A full menu of bar food is also available. Open until the early hours, you can be sure to find a party, even if small, at MK Lounge.

Additional Info


Koba Tsakadze Str, Bakuriani


(+995) 591 01 35 36

11 AM - 2 AM