A Respite outside Batumi

Situated an hour’s drive (30km) from Batumi through the winding hills of Adjara, the cascading waters of Makhuntseti Waterfall offer a calming respite from city-life. 

Thanks to the subtropical climate of the area due to its proximity to the Black Sea, the green mountains of Adjara are known for their lush beauty. The Makhuntseti Waterfall is one if its highlights.

As its name suggests, it is located in the Makhuntseti village which is reachable by car, taxi, or hitchhiking as well as via a minibus headed in the direction of Keda village. Friendly locals sell local products like honey and churchkhela from small colorful stores in the car park. 

Following the stone steps ascending from the car park, you will reach the impressive 20-meter waterfall (Georgia’s second largest) within a few minutes. The green surroundings and plummeting water is impressive year-round. Georgian food is available from nearby cafes if you get hungry on your way down.  

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Makhuntseti village