Birds of prey circle above the lake’s shores, fishermen peacefully cast their lines into the calm water, hikers enjoy the beautiful nature eating a picnic seated on a bench: welcome to Madatapa Lake, an oasis of calm and beauty in Georgia. Located in southeastern Georgia near the Armenian border, Madatapa Lake is a protected area due to its unique wildlife and fauna and flora. It is especially well known for its Paravan species of common carp and the endangered Dalmatian pelican.

Visitors to the lake can enjoy various activities such as cycling, hiking, and horse riding. There is a 22-kilometer trail beginning from the village of Sameba, leading around the lake and passing the villages of Zhdanovakani, Epremovka, and Troitskoye. Situated at 2108 meters above sea-level on the Javakheti Plateau, the lake is prone to earthquakes. For adventurous souls looking for an idyllic retreat in Georgia, the Madatapa Lake is a sight to behold.

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