Convenient Indulgence for Pasta Lovers

Soft, creamy cheese with pasta and a crunchy topping - every pasta lover’s dream. You can now find the classic American dish of macaroni cheese at the Mac’N’Cheese Factory. The fast food restaurant, newly opened in Tbilisi, fulfills your pasta cravings with a variety of macaroni cheese dishes. You can enjoy a hearty pasta meal on the go with their convenient takeaway boxes.

The Mac’N’Cheese Factory has put a twist on classic macaroni cheese with additional flavors and toppings such as black olives, mozarella, bolognese sauce, and broccolli. You can quickly order your choice from food delivery sites such as and and the food will be delivered to your door. They have yet to open a physical restaurant. With prices starting from 8 Lari, it’s the perfect treat at any time of the day.

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+995 99 36 46 11



12 PM - 10 PM