The boutique hotel has an outstanding location on the 10th floor of a multifunctional building and comprises six rooms, all with private elevators. 

As well as rooms, the hotel also offers spacious two-room apartments designed in a similar style, ideal for family stays. All guests at the Lifferent Hotel & Spa can make use of the hotel’s sauna, gym and swimming pool. 

There is an incredibly cozy and warm aura in the hotel, set off by the fact that the décor and furniture is Georgian-made, as per the wishes of the owner, who wanted to show off the ability of local production to meet European standards, and yet the atmosphere is distinctly French luxury.

All rooms are bright, featuring wide private balconies and a panoramic view of the city, impressive especially at night time when the entire city is lit up. The unique landscape of Vake Park sprawls to the right of the hotel, while the recreation zone of Kus Tba (Turtle Lake), which plays host to multiple cultural events and concerts, is just 10 minutes’ walk away. One of the most interesting tourist destinations, the Tbilisi Open Air Museum of Ethnography, the largest ‘store’ of Georgian folk culture, is located to the west of Kus Tba.

For those who enjoy brand shops and checking out the latest trends in fashion, there are numerous shops and boutiques in the surroundings of the hotel.

Lifferent Hotel & Spa has a unique Spa center which guarantees a magical journey in the world of face and body care. It is the only boutique hotel where it is possible to enjoy a wide range of treatments of exclusive, premium-level Korean brand products. All guests are given an opportunity to test cosmetology therapies such as: ‘Coconut Line’, which contributes to the PH balance and reduction of wrinkle depth; ‘Golden Ritual’ – RF lifting of face and neck areas, mesotherapy around the eyes, and ‘Anti-age Therapy’, which uses the substitutes of stem-cells and delivers active chemicals to the deepest layers of the skin, fills the wrinkles and cryo-lifts the facial and low-neck line. Try face ‘Hydration’, ‘Cleansing’ and ‘Peeling’ with the unique Ronas line, the very therapies which have substituted Bio revitalization treatment.

If you wish to spend time with your friends and loved ones and are looking for a cozy, calm and sophisticated environ, you should certainly visit Lifferent Hotel & Spa.

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1 K.Kldiashvili St., Tbilisi


(+995) 322 15 80 15