The Pearl of Western Georgia

This is Tskaltubo, the Pearl of Western Georgia, the Georgian Baden-Baden. Tskaltubo is a diversified resort best known for its natural thermal radon springs. Tskaltubo is a wood-shaded town surrounded by unique, centuries-old stalactite caves. It’s 10 km from Kutaisi, the “capital” of western Georgia, 235 km from Tbilisi, 130 km from Batumi and just 20 km from Kutaisi International Airport.

Discover Legends Tskaltubo Spa Resort, the place where history marries nature! The beautiful hotel (built in the Stalinist Empire style between 1946-1956) is surrounded by 16ha of recreational area. The Spa complex boasts a perennial forest, fountains, a modern swimming pool and 139 renovated and comfortably equipped rooms. It is a full-range, contemporary resort which will astonish guests with its stunning location, beautiful landscape and multifunctional facilities. The hotel is the perfect place for rest and relaxation, medical treatment and for hosting various events and activities.

Legends Tskaltubo Spa Resort, in cooperation with Balneoresort Tskaltubo, offers a wide range of healthcare packages. Tskaltubo has been well-known as a curative resort since the 7th-11th centuries, with its thermal radon baths, belonging to chloride-hydrocarbonated-sulphate, sodium-magnesium, and clean, pure and odorless calcium waters. The natural temperature of the water is 33-35 degrees. The recommended treatment period in Tskaltubo is 20-24 days. 

The waters of Tskaltubo can treat the following diseases:

Locomotor system,

Heart blood vessel,

Nervous system,

Gynecologic disorders,

Skin and endocrine diseases,

The disorder of substance change and more.

Legends Tskaltubo Spa Resort has the largest conference capacity in western Georgia, with 10 fully equipped spaces for conferences and meetings on the territory. The hotel also runs a unique old-fashioned concert hall for 350 persons.

The pride of Legends Tskaltubo Spa Resort is the huge parkland spread across 16 hectares around the buildings. There is no other hotel or venue in the whole of Georgia with such an amazingly large recreational area. The parkland is a unique mixture of 150 types of leafy and coniferous trees.

This forest, in combination with old fashioned fountains, creates an outstanding environment for unforgettable outdoor events and beautiful weddings, while the modern swimming pool is the best location for outdoors pool parties during the summer period.

What’s more, the multifunctional territory of Legends Tskaltubo Spa Resort gives you an opportunity to try a diversity of sporting activities, making it very attractive for healthy lifestyle followers: both groups and individuals.

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