Lali’s restaurant encompasses the very best of Georgia: hospitality, warmth, and delicious food. Visiting Lali’s restaurant is more than just eating at her table. It is being welcomed into her home and her family. Her restaurant and food is a humble offering of traditional Georgian hospitality and culture. Although by no means a fine dining experience, eating at Lali’s restaurant is something unique to Georgia.

The food served is authentic home-cooked Georgian cuisine. The barbecue meats are especially enjoyable in summer, eaten whilst seated in the outside garden. The interior of the restaurant is simple but welcoming. The open fireplace, exposed brickwork and traditional Georgian crockery transports you back in time to how village life used to be in Georgia. Lali and her restaurant welcome you with open arms to enjoy the true tastes and atmosphere of Georgia.

Additional Info


5 Pirosmani St, Sighnaghi


(+995) 599 32 03 68


9 AM – 10 PM