Kikliko opened in the summer of 2018 on a busy street in the trendy neighborhood of Vake. One of the first places in Tbilisi with no dinner service, this breakfast and lunch spot immediately caught the attention of both hungover young partiers and expats looking for a cozy brunch. 

The small but well-designed space has a similar feel to Fabrika or Stamba, a sort of neo-Tbilisi chic, with mint green tile walls and swirly neon signs. The menu includes Georgian and American/European breakfast standards, with the specialty being kikliko itself – a kind of savory Georgian French toast. The place is a bit pricey – as far as Tbilisi brunch spots goes, it’s a bit more expensive than Hurma and a bit less than Stamba.

Definitely worth visiting at least once to see if it’s your style! It could become your new go-to Sunday morning spot.

Additional Info


28 Mtskheta Str., Tbilisi


(+995) 551 13 71 12


Mon - Fri:: 8 AM – 3 PM

Sat - Sun: until 4 PM