Fit for a Queen

Perched on giant rocks in the imposing Tsiv-Gombori range in eastern Georgia, the ruins of Khornabuji castle, also known as the Castle of Queen Tamara, date back as early as the 1st millennium BC. The now-dilapidated rocks were once a royal castle of strategic importance, serving as the only fortification to control the valleys of the Lori and Alazani rivers. 

The castle witnessed a turbulent history. The town under its protection, Khornabuji, was attacked, conquered and destroyed many times. It is thought that Mongul invaders destroyed Khornabuji around 1264 AD. Remaining survivors then located to Sighnaghi and the town remained ruined.

A visit to the castle fits well into a day trip in the Khaketi region of Georgia. The castle is located in the Vashlovani National Park, a few kilometers from Dedoplistskaro. On clear days, the view of the Alazani and Ivri valleys, as well as the Caucasus mountains, is breathtaking.

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Vashlovani National Park, 

Near Dedoplistskaro