The top favorite of many a local and expat is the hidden gem overlooking the city: Keto and Kote. According to well-known regular guest Betsy Haskell, the restaurant "hits all the buttons; wonderful in summer and winter." And we couldn't agree more!

The atmosphere both in the garden above the old roofs, and inside the restaurant, with its homely rustic-chic feel, is truly magical and the food mouth-wateringly good.

We recommend anything and everything on the Georgian menu. Try the tomato and cucumber salad with warm homemade bread, the pelmeni (pasta with meat), and the desserts- do try to squeeze one in if you can- you won't regret the extra calories!

Additional Info


Davit Toradze Str., Tbilisi 


(+995) 555 53 01 26



11 AM - 1 AM