A Glacial Lake in the Caucasus.

The landscape is barren and tough. Rocky outcrops dot the Keli volcanic plateau that lies west of the Georgian Military Highway. The plateau is not for everyone, but seasoned explorers who take on the challenge are rewarded with stunning passes and a visit to the Kelitsadi glacial lake. The deep green lake surrounded by the impressive Caucasus mountains is one of Georgia’s most stunning views.

Hiking here is best suited to experienced individuals. Take a minibus from Tbilisi to the start of the Truso Valley. The area is very remote and close to the contested region of South Ossetia. Therefore, you need to apply for a permit from the government to visit the area. It is also recommended to take a GPS tracker as the unmarked trails are difficult and it’s easy to get lost. The importance of this is even higher due to the geopolitical situation of the area. With the right equipment and experience, the hikes other-worldly landscapes ensure that it is worth the effort.

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Truso Valley