Featured in a documentary by the German television channel ARTE, this hotel has reached fame beyond Georgia’s borders. The coziness with which one is greeted is an exemplar of perfect Georgian hospitality. Named after the most famous Georgian artist, the hotel is singled out from the surrounding town, almost like a little holy shrine for tourists visiting the city. Chiatura is nestled between steep, rocky hills in the midst of the Imereti region. Serving as a Soviet mining town, it continues to have functioning manganese mines exporting their precious material into every corner of the world.

Feeling lost and lonely in its own city, the hotel is the only viable and comfortable option for tourists looking for the perfect conglomeration of Chiatura and Georgian tradition. The home-made Chacha – Georgia’s national liquor – runs smoothly down the throat, barely noticable until yourbehavior starts to change. By then, it's too late to stop drinking the Chacha and one is advised to stay at the table to continue jugging down the little shot glasses. Their wine is an exquisite delight as well, so best to combine both for the ultimate experience (and hangover). A great evening wouldn’t be so great without the essential stomach-filling Georgian dishes. Hotel Pirosmani is definitely not the number one go-to destination for breakfast, but the dinner is an absolute masterpiece. The right types of spices will engulf the taste buds and make this dinner memorable for weeks to come.

A hotel without a room wouldn’t be a hotel. Good then that they have multiple rooms. Equipped with all necessary items, the surprise of very low placed light switches and plugs almost near the ceiling creates a the little smile and amazement at the architectural uniqueness. Chiatura is a must-go destination, and Hotel Pirosmani is as well. That is not just because it is the only one in town, but because it is truly amazing.

Double Room: 50 GEL

By Benjamin Music

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7 Tabagrebi Str. 7, Chiatura


(+995) 555 39 30 52