Set in the far reaches of Kakheti, just 35 km from Vashlovani Nature Reserve and the border with Azerbaijan, with a view over Kochebis Lake, this small hotel is made for lovers of nature.

Enjoy deserts, mountains, canyons, a unique untouched lake, birdwatching and a variety of other wildlife to be spotted if you're quiet on your walks. 

Food in the hotel is made using natural, local products and they are happy to teach you how to make the signature Georgian dishes. They'll also arrange tours for you, as they have their own a boat and jeep. Grab the chance- we especially enjoyed seeing the Chachuna Reservoir and the remains of elephant fossils dated 7 million years. 

Rooms are simple, as is decor, but the friendliness of the staff and the amount to do outdoors means you're unlikely to get bored here!

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