Our busy lifestyles often don’t give us the time to let our thoughts break out freely. The quest for solitude brings us to the dead ends of this planet. The Arctic barrier ice, the sizzling Sahara desert, or simple the highlands of Svaneti; all of them provide an opportunity to gaze at starry skies as we catapult our thoughts out into the universe.

The town of Mestia in Svaneti satisfies this desire 100%. Picturesque landscapes of a high-altitude mountain pasture resemble the movie set of Heidi or Sound of Music. Wooden huts, such as the Heshkili Huts, offer privacy far away from contemporary problems. For big family reunions to celebrate birthdays or couples looking for time reserved for two hearts only, Heshkili Huts range from big wooden palaces to one-room arrangements.

Located on the steep hillsides, nature lovers can indulge in long hikes to overcome their personal limits. The pine forests are ubiquitously unable to escape selfies while serving as an impeccable background to dress as lumberjacks.

The isolation from civilization should lead to expectations of rather plain cuisine based on traditional Georgian recipes, yet fruits and delicious delights such as pancakes are available to fill the belly.

The huts serve as a marvelous location to get lost in literature and human conversations for days. I wouldn’t be surprised if some great ideas have come out of these bohemian journeys to the Svaneti mountains. Whether it's the quest for innovation or the search for a timeout, people are advised to book a hut to experience the coziness themselves.


By Benjamin Music

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