Hidden among the multiplicity of streets and old houses of the Chughureti district of Tbilisi, g.Vino City Wine Hotel is a marvelous boutique hotel, launched by Lida Vardania and Mamuka Maisuradze and based on an absolutely wonderful concept. But before exploring the hotel, it would be interesting to take a moment and find out more about its story. g.Vino City Wine Hotel represents a continuation of the wine bar of the same name, opened by Vardania and Maisuradze in 2015. 

The idea of commencing entrepreneurship in the field of winemaking came to the couple, who both come from a development finance background, as a result of the desire to contribute to the development of the country and help the local population. The experience of travelling across the globe and trying different cuisines also played a particular role in the launch of the wine bar. 

Today the wine bar g.Vino is one of the best places, offering a great variety of natural wines of local production, made using ancient Georgian technology of more than 8 000 years,  and delicious local food. Along with a glass of wine, guests can enjoy an exquisite plate of artisan cheese, cold cuts and Georgian-style tapas.

Even though the hotel welcomed its first guests quite recently, it can be said that g.Vino City Wine Hotel is one of the most distinguished hotels in the city of Tbilisi. The founders had the importance of wine for the Georgian nation and culture very much in mind while founding the hotel. That is why wine, translated into Georgian (gvino) became the cornerstone of the project. g.Vino creates an ideal space for informal gatherings and gives a chance for guests to spend time with loved ones in a cozy atmosphere.

The boutique hotel offers just 26 rooms, in five categories. The relatively small number of rooms represents a wonderful opportunity for the welcoming hotel staff members to treat each guest with exceptional care. Furnished in soft tones, the spacious and elegant rooms with wooden beds are an excellent place for a relaxing and pleasant stay.

As there are many coffee enthusiasts among the guests of the hotel, the rooms are equipped with coffee machines alongside a choice of flavors suitable for different tastes.

g.Vino City Wine Hotel not only provides comfortable accommodation but aims to promote the history of ancient Georgian viniculture. Each room has been given the name of a different Georgian grape variety and guests are given a bottle of wine with a postcard that briefly describes the sort of grape their room is named after.

The hotel’s restaurant has a grand terrace that is nothing short of spectacular and offers guests an incredible variety of natural Georgian wines, as well as an assortment of European wines. The young chef of the g.Vino restaurant, Tamta Kikaleishvili has explored Georgian gastronomy, flavors, scents, ancestral cooking techniques, and puts a lot of effort into cooking traditional Georgian dishes with modern European twists that perfectly suit a guest’s chosen wine, to create a bouquet of marvelous tastes. Kikaleishvili uses only sustainably-grown ingredients for the specialties. At the restaurant of the hotel, the visitors can taste dishes like: beef tartare with green adjika, slow cooked beef cheeks, kubdari wellington with demi-glace sauce: tastes that mingle, blend, delight, meet and merge.

The modern interior, where the works of contemporary painters embellish the walls, creates a perfect mélange with the authentic charm of the old building.

g.Vino City Wine Hotel offers a wine tour to visitors and gives them an opportunity to have a drink at the most wonderful wine bars and cellars of the capital.

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