Guesthouse Bakhvi is located in Bakhvi village in Ozurgeti. The 2-story building boasts a large yard and rooms in an old rural style. The fact it has had very little work done to it since 2015 makes it an original choice for your stay. 

The house also features a wine cellar, vineyard, well, small bamboo plantation, spring, special tables for feasting, kiwi and flower gardens, beehives, traditional storage for corn and much more for those interested in ecotourism and Georgian rural life. Travelers can enjoy staying in a hospitable and relaxing environment while tasting local food and wine.

Price: 15 GEL per person (half board – 40 GEL)

Facilities:  2 rooms for up to 4 people; shared bathrooms in fair condition; hot water; large garden, parking.

Additional Info


Bakhvi VILLAGE, Ozurgeti


+995 577 61 77 96 (Vazha Antadze);

+995 551 10 26 96 (Lia)