Gremi is a monastery, church, and castle complex in Kakheti, near Georgia’s easternmost border. The stunning setting has vineyards and rolling hills in one direction, and the sharp, snowcapped mountains that divide Kakheti from Dagestan, Russia, in the other. 

The Archangels’ Church is perched on a hill, the orange-hued stones and bright green top visible from kilometers around. The architecture is influenced by local interpretations of Persian styles. The complex is composed of the 16th century Church of the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, a three-story castle, a bell tower and a wine cellar. Most of the encircling wall survives. You can also explore the remnants of a hidden escape tunnel leading to the Intsobi River.

There is a small gift shop where you can buy the standard souvenirs and a great museum located in the bell tower that presents several archaeological artifacts and a cannon from the 16th century.


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Gremi Village, Kakheti 

(halfway between 

Telavi and Kvareli)