The Georgian Switzerland

It’s easy to see why Gona village has been nicknamed Georgian Switzerland. The beautiful village situated in Chveshura gorge in the Racha region of Georgia provides luscious alpine valleys, gushing rivers, glaciers, and mighty mountains. Gona is very hard to visit during winter due to heavy snowfall. To make the most of the scenery, visit June - October. Then, you can revel at the region’s spectacular views atop mountain peaks.

Situated at 1700m above sea level, Gona is the perfect base for exploring Racha by foot. In fact, walking is often the preferred mode of transport as roads in the region are in a bad condition. But, don’t forget to take your ID as the village is close to the border with Russia and there is a military post at the end of the village. If you are looking for a wild adventure into some of Georgia’s best wilderness, Gona village will not disappoint.

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