Naming a hotel after famous people, especially artists, can be risky – it means forming expectations for people and it gets hard to meet them appropriately. But for most guests, hotel Frida, located in the old part of Tbilisi, has not disappointed. 

The big clean rooms and helpful friendly staff make for a very comfortable stay, plus its location makes it easier to explore the old, and probably, the most interesting parts of Tbilisi by merely walking around. 

The garden is beautifully painted with Frida-inspired visuals. The hotel has a fireplace and views of the river and the Bridge of Peace. 

Not enough? Guests can enjoy a drink at the bar – tea, coffee, and chacha are free! If you’re looking for a hotel that feels like home, check out Frida Hotel.


Additional Info


7, Ekele II Dead End, Tbilisi


(+995) 595 22 05 05