If you’re looking for a truly local experience in Tbilisi, and love all sorts of fruits and vegetables, then you'll want to visit the Dezerter's Bazaar.

The Dezerter's Bazaar is around 2,000 square meters, so it’s a good idea to wear comfortable walking shoes. If you've never been to a market like this then prepare for a complete sensory overload, with colors and people everywhere, and aromas luring you away to new places.

Keep in mind that the market is not really a polished down shopping area, but more of a free-for-all practical shopping experience. If you are renting an apartment in Tbilisi, and you’re staying a while, then this is where you'll find your cheaper options compared to in town.

Buying numerous fresh spices with interesting self-made combinations will make you question if you have tasted anything like it before. You'll find nuts, seeds, fruit, vegetables, cheese and wine here, with lots of other things you never knew existed. Unfortunately, English is a scarcity here but you can get by with a translation app and hand signals- the people are friendly and eager to serve and sell!

Plus, its located close to Station Square Metro, so finding it is a breeze

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