Cocktails on the Beach

If you dream of spending your summer sipping cocktails on a terrace overlooking the sea, head to Cafe Frida. The quaint beach shack, complete with a straw roof, welcomes you with delicious cocktails and food to get you into the holiday spirit and melt away the city stress.  Their menu includes classic dishes such as fresh tomato and cucumber salad and rich khachapuri. Cafe Frida has been popular with locals and tourists for many years thanks to its relaxed setting and beachfront views.

Located on Kvariati beach on Georgia’s Black Sea Coast in between the Turkish border and Batumi, you can easily reach Cafe Frida from Tbilisi via train to Batumi and marshrutka. Cafe Frida is an ideal place to unwind after a day lounging on the beach and exploring the all that the stunning Ajara region has to offer.

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Kvariati Beach, Ajara


+995 559 239 018


Always open