Burgers, one of the most notorious food items, can be found almost anywhere in the modern world, and Tbilisi is no exception. With fast-food chains, privately owned restaurants and pubs, finding a burger is not so difficult. Finding the best burger, however, is another story.

Many places claim to have the best burger in town, and to be honest there are places that truly have great burgers going on taste or price, but few people get the perfect balance of taste and price together. Gambrinus pub is one of those small places you wouldn’t expect more than just an average burger and good times from, yet they have arguably one of the best and tallest burgers in town, and have made a name for themselves amongst the locals. 

The decor is typical wood and sports- and they do have plenty of sports on show on the TV. Service is fast and friendly ans the atmosphere on a busy evening is cozy and lively.

Additional Info


45 Vazha Pshavela Ave., Tbilisi


(+995) 579 18 00 91


10 AM - 11 PM