Borjomi Palace was one of the first luxury hotels in this romantic mountain resort town. It still markets itself as a “sanatorium,” a word distinctly connected to Soviet culture. The décor has the distinct Eastern European new-money flair of an attempt to combine the aesthetics of ancient Greece and French aristocracy. Everything is over the top gaudy, complete with cupid statues, faux-gold leaf, and ornate, brocade curtains. The exterior boasts battlement-inspired details along with a decorative pagoda-style gazebo overlooking the swimming pool – which backs up directly to the mountains. The décor and style is certainly distinctive – that said, the staff is friendly and attentive, all speak Russian and most speak some English.

The rooms are clean and comfortable, and include a personal bathrobe. The location is quite good – walkable to Borjomi’s central streets and the park.

The spa is a major draw for many customers. Borjomi Palace offers one of the most affordable hotel-spa massages in town, along with a variety of other treatments and procedures, including a salt room. It has a clinical atmosphere rather than focusing on relaxation. If you aren’t familiar with the long list of ailments Borjomi’s spring water is said to cure, its worth checking out the spa’s menu of offerings.


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17 Gamsakhurdia Str., 



(+995) 0322 43 00 31