The main building of The Biltmore Hotel is impossible to miss. The 38-floor glass skyscraper is visible from any point of the city, and any point of the city is visible from the top! The hotel lobby is laid out in an older building that used to serve as the Institute of Marxism in the Soviet times. Sounds unbelievable, especially when you look at the marble walls, splendid chandeliers and exorbitantly expensive pieces of art by contemporary Georgian artists.

If you decide to book a room in The Biltmore, you can be sure that your window view will be mesmerizing. Spa facilities, swimming pool, sun terrace, a variety of restaurants and bars are there to make your stay unforgettable.

The hotel is a highly in-demand venue for conducting conferences, meetings and summits of the very top level.

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29 Shota Rustaveli Avenue, Tbilisi


0322 72 72 72