It turns out that there is more to growing out your face forest than simply not shaving for a while, though of course that is the essence of the process. As a matter of fact, you ought to caress and guide your beard along the way, not only to ensure that you enjoy the journey, but to make sure that you look good and “civilized” too. Lest we forget, the beard is a living organism that needs certain conditions to thrive: the follicles need to breathe, so keeping it clean is a good start. While for all things concerning the shape and size of your beard, if you’re like me and too lazy/incapable of learning how to use a beard trimmer, you can head over to Camora Barbers, there are some aspects of beard care that you’ll have to and be more than capable of doing at home. These include: washing, brushing, and having a good beard oil. In Georgia, all of your needs will be met by

            "Our Beard Oils are made of 100% natural and organic ingredients, making your beard softer and healthier, with an indescribably pleasant smell. You'll forget that annoying beard itchiness so common while growing a beard. Our Beard Wax and Balm are also made of organic ingredients, making your beard much softer than usual and protecting it from any damage from heat or cold. The best part about our wax and balm is that it controls the beard style. Our soaps and shampoos are also made of 100% pure and organic healthy ingredients: use it on your beard, hair and face, all are mineral oil free, paraben and sulfate free, silicone and coloring free chemicals!” 

Their beard brushes and combs are no slouchers either; my girlfriend got me one as a Christmas present and it has become an indispensable part of my beard care routine. Indeed, on the subject of significant others, it’s important to remember that, for better or worse, the longevity of your beard life will require a certain amount of compromise. Remember, your beard oil will be like a new cologne so, especially if your partner isn’t a fan of facial hair, get a scent that you both like to make sure that your beard will live long and prosper!

You can shop on their website or hit them up at their various locations: Tbilisi Mall; City Mall Saburtalo; Galleria Tbilisi.

By Máté Földi