The first joint in Georgian offering a genuine German doner kebab, with the main ingredients imported from Germany.

The German doner variant (in Fladenbrot bread) differs from the Turkish Shawarmain the first place with the addition of lettuce (including iceberg lettuce), sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, onions, white and red cabbage, and more importantly various sauces ("Knoblauch", "Kräuter" "Scharf", "Curry"), which do not belong to traditional Turkish cuisine. In Germany, for example, the Turkish-speaking population also orders German wording and terminology when ordering spicy donut sauce ("Scharfe Souse"). Also important is the type of meat itself and its processing technology. In Germany there is a donor kebab of veal, beef and chicken.

"BDK" ("Berliner Döner Kebab") offers Doner Kebab and Durum Kebab, bringing to Georgia this high quality and delicious dish from its native Berlin. The secret sauces made using Bidekey products also give a wonderful flavor. The choice is made only on high quality ingredients, as well as on German and Italian professional cooking machines selected by German specialists.

Get yourself a guaranteed German quality product- head over to BDK this lunchtime!

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24g Kazbegi Ave.., Tbilisi


(+995) 322 44 45 54


9 AM - 10.30 PM