Bakhmaro is a unique, must-visit mountain resort located in Georgia's yet-to-be-fully-exploited Guria region at 2050 meters above sea level. 

On the drive up to Bakhmaro, you'll pass the Nabeghlavi mineral water resort (well worth a stop!) and will get to see small beautiful cottages surrounded by a picturesque view of the mountains and nature. 

Most locals still use horses to move from one place to another in Bakhmaro and every evening, people light bonfires in front of their houses to hold back the chill, even in summer. Fog is also quite common here, which makes the views and nature even more stunning. 

Try to plan you trip to Bakhmaro to coincide with the August horse competition, a tradition of the village. In winter, the snowfall essentially blocks the road up to all but the bravest riders and those with hardy 4x4s.

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