This vineyard, vinery and boutique hotel can be found nestled in the foothills of the Greater Caucasus mountain range, within sight of the major historic and cultural sites of Kakheti. 

Its vineyard produces a unique and exquisite wine from grapes cultivated at a height of 550 meters above sea level on 10 hectares along the Babaneuri Strict Nature Reserve. 

The natural and unfiltered wines come from four Georgian grape varietals: Rkatsiteli, Kakhetian Mtsvane, Kisi and Saperavi, handpicked then fermented in Qvevri (an ancient Georgian traditional method of winemaking) to produce a limited quantity of wine. 

In 2017, the vineyard branched out to open a boutique hotel, 'Babaneuris Marani,' in the center of the vineyards and nestled on the slopes just under the Nature Reserve. It overlooks the whole of Kakheti and welcomes you with delicious traditional wines, amazing food, beautiful walks through the forests, and a warm family welcome.

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Babaneuri, Akhmeta


+(995) 551 433 551,

+(995) 555 776 551