Where better to relax in Tbilisi than a small cafe offering meditation sessions and custom blend homemade herbal tea?

Anousha Tea was started by Anousha Radzad. Her passion for herbal tea began when she started mountain climbing, where she picked herbs like Stachys, Thyme and Borage in the mountains. Anousha started to study these herbs and noticed that they are incredibly remedial and have a refreshing and overall wellness effect which promotes general health. She then set to making her own herbal tea blends that have a calming and boosting effect on the human body and also helps with colds and sore throats.

Anousha is a tea brand of herbal and healthy blends, with most of the herbs collected from the mountains and from different countries including Georgia, Iran and Armenia.

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7th Mtskheta I Dead End, 

Burkiashvili Str., 

20th Mtskheta Str., 

Round Garden


(+995) 557 81 11 00


9 AM - 11 PM