A Turkish restaurant with four floors of flavor, a main dining hall, a whole floor dedicated to children, a floor for traditional Georgian food and a floor where the tastiest meats are barbequed to perfection.

Starting off, you walk into a beautiful building with a big selection of food to your left and a selection of treats and sweets to your right, all for a very reasonable price. The main courses are served in the main hall but can be enjoyed on any of the four floors. One level down from the ground floor is where you’ll find a dedicated space for the children: leave them and be sure they will be safe having fun (TVs with live CCTV footage of the play area can be found on all floors).  A variety of children’s meals can also be bought on this floor, such as burgers.

The ground floor or main hall is where you can buy the main courses, prepared fresh every day, with selections changing throughout the week, but grounded in the roots of Turkish cuisine. On the sweet side there is a lot to choose from, from the most delectable chocolate to hazelnut desserts.

Going up the stairs to the first floor, you will find a cozy lounge with traditional Georgian food such as khachapuri. Freshly baked on the first floor of Ankara, this is a simple dish enjoyed by many. That’s not all; they also make a big selection of pizza on this floor! Sitting and enjoying Turkish coffee with such a mix of culture around you is a must-have experience.

Going to the top floor you will be greeted by the robust aroma of meat being grilled and spices being used as they make their famous succulent kebabs. With many other meats also being barbequed to your taste with perfection.

With all of these options encapsulated into one four floor restaurant, it is deserving of being top of your dining choices this week. From salads and soups to meats and pizzas, burgers and of course local Georgian cuisine, the waiter will bring your choice straight to your table, no matter which floor you choose.

This restaurant is located along the same street as many other Turkish restaurants, but is one of the best on Davit Aghmashenebeli Ave.

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116 D. Aghmashenebeli Ave,



(+995) 555 51 51 34