Alibi Room is a cheap, grungy bar located on one of Tbilisi’s central party rows – Perovskaya. Perovskaya is, in fact, called Akhvlediani Street, but the old Soviet name remains more popular. The strip is an interesting mix of expensive restaurants aimed at tourists, Thai “massage” parlors, ethnic food, and bars with loud music and cheap drinks – Alibi Room falls into the last category. 

The crowd is on the younger side (like almost everywhere in Tbilisi, they don’t check IDs), but these kids know how to have fun. Almost every night of the week, and definitely on the weekends, there is a party happening here with a great vibe. The music is a fun mix of Georgian and English pop hits from the 90s and today, mixed with a splash of the electronic music the city is best known for.

Heads up: Alibi Room (somehow) skirts the new regulations and everyone still smokes inside.


Additional Info


 20 Akhvlediani Str. 

(former Perovskaya), Tbilisi


(+995) 598 42 34 23


6 PM – 3 AM