One of Georgia’s most charming and attractive qualities is its east-meets-west character. The tradition of the bazaar comes from the east, and in Tbilisi’s streets, it mingles with European and Soviet traditions to create...

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Georgia for a while lost its great cheese-making traditions, becoming lost to the chewy Mozzarella-like sulguni and the hard, salty Gouda. But thanks to a few locally-inspired initiatives, a number of cheeses have been registered ...

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Want to buy delicious fruit, vegetables, spices and sauces which have come straight from the villages but are made carefully, with love and following hygiene norms? Want to help support farming communities and do your bit for Geor...

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While the internet, and the concept of shopping on it, is younger here than in the rest of Europe, it has taken off with a boom and there are now many (and an increasing number of) portals allowing you to purchase Georgian and int...

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Where.ge spoke to Irina Pailodze, owner / designer of Kapa Habitat to find out her top shopping picks.

Kapa Habitat

Located in the heart of Tbilisi, close to Rustaveli Ave. at 4 Miminoshvili Str., this is a place where you c...

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No, that wasn’t a spelling mistake in the title- what you’ll find below are the latest in a long list of wine stores, restaurants and bars offering that beloved (and ancient) Georgian juice, famed worldwide for being the first of ...

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Minankari is the art of coloring and ornamenting the surface of metals by fusing over it brilliant colors that are decorated in an intricate design, held in a frame of gold, silver or copper. 

The oldest existing samples date b...

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Tbilisi Mall is hosting a British event from 16 June to 17 June: Britain has never been this close!

Visit Tbilisi Mall and feel the spirit of foggy Britain, where you will be greeted and amazed with many British-themed activiti...

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There are a surprising number of books about or based in Georgia, printed in English and other languages: some for hikers, some for history-lovers, some for aspiring politicians, some for those who love to experiment in the kitche...

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In 2016, Nina Menteshashvili and Rezi Beselashvili started their company Altersocks. Bored of the standard black, white and grey on their toes, the pair set about designing more colorful daily alternatives- with prints of Khinkali...

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One of Georgia’s lesser-known treasures is its bees, some of which count the rarest species in the world the Queens being much prized by beekeepers.

In 2014, Georgia produced 4,100 metric tons of honey, but only exported 5, gen...

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Don't miss out! Traditional Georgian Blue Tablecloths and napkins on offer at online store nido.ge!

With savings of up to 32%, take advantage and bring a little bit of Georgia home. 

The oldest remaining samples of Blue Tabl...

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