Journey with us through the assortment of Made-in-Georgia drinks that can keep you fresh as you travel and give you a taste of something truly unique to this fantastic country!     

Livo is a Georgian company producing natural fruit juices that was founded in 2013. They have lemon, peach with citrus (mix), red orange, citrus mix cherry, cornel, plum, tomato, peach and wild plum juices.

As they come in glass bottles, Livo juices are said to maintain their healthy properties and natural aroma.


After Borjomi mineral water, Nabeglavi is often referred to as one of the most popular brands on the local market, originating from the Nabeglavi resort in the western part of Georgia, in the River Gubazeuli gorge, Guria region. 450-475 meters above sea level, the Nabeglavi springs have a hydro - carbonate calcium sodium and carbon-dioxide chemical constitution. They were found back in 1905, though bottling wasn’t launched until 1958, when the Nabeglavi resort itself opened.

Today, in cooperation with RAUCH, Healthy Water Company produces Nabeglavi mineral water alongside Bakhmaro Spring Water.

Nabeglavi mineral water is considered to be good for the treatment of liver and stomach diseases and it also brings necessary minerals to the organism.

Bakhmaro Spring Water comes from the Georgian resort of the same name, one of the highest places in Georgia (2000 meters above sea level).  Soft in texture, it is said to be rich with oxygen and has 7.5 PH.


Feeding Cannery Kula, situated in Gori, central Georgia, was established in 2009, and soon became   popular among Georgian customers.

The company offers ecologically clean juices made from fruits and vegetables.  Alongside juices, Kula also produces jams, marmalades, and numerous sauces. They also have bio products, diabetic, baby food, juices made specially for children, Georgian Tkemali [sour plum] sauce, and a variety of other products.

Lagidze Water

Lagidze Water is probably one of the most popular and recognizable products in Georgia, as is the brand Lagidze itself. Lagidze Water was named after its founder Mitrophane Lagidze, who was the first to come up with the concept of using natural fruits in lemonades, inventing the first of its kind Lagidze Water in the 19th century in Kutaisi (western Georgia).

Today, the brand Lagidze offers the largest assortment of syrups and lemonades that are still as loved by locals as they were a hundred years ago, especially when served with a hot n cheesy Khachapuri!