This charming red-brick chateau, boasting unmistakable Georgian features, is located quite close to Telavi, the central town of the Kakheti region. Surrounded by vineyards, it’s a stylish place for a high-class getaway offering a range of very good European-style and Qvevri wines that are available for tasting and buying both in the Chateau and in its wine bar in Tbilisi which is located in the basement of the historic caravanserai building- the perfect place to store and serve wine in the right temperature conditions.

If you like semi-sweet wines, you will love their Kindzmarauli, the local wine appellation. For those who like it dryer, red dry Mukuzani stored in oak barrels is the best choice. Among the Qvevri wines represented by the line Vinoterra, the most interesting is white dry Kisi.

Back to Chateau, you can enjoy Schuchmann wines while absorbing the sunrays near the fantastic swimming pool. Or, indulge yourself in the wine spa – the hot wine baths and a scrub with grape seeds are extremely good for the skin! A visit to Schuchmann Chateau and Spa in Kakheti is an integral wine experience!

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Village Kisiskhevi, Telavi, Georgia


593 48 73 74