The Georgian beer scene leaves a lot to be desired. While claiming that local beer is as bad as Georgian wine is amazing may be an exaggeration, the unfortunately reality is that, for the most part, beer here sucks. Granted, there are a few craft beers of acceptable quality, which do make for a tasty and refreshing beverage, but they are in the minority.

Thankfully, there have been attempts to change that. After being spoiled by Bavarian beer in Munich’s beer gardens, and the fruits of Budapest’s craft beer revolution, I was overjoyed to come across Sami Ludi, a chic Georgian craft beer pub in Batumi.

Brewed somewhere in Tbilisi, their beer offered a welcome upgrade on the quality I had become used to in Georgia. It tasted amazing even in the gloomy rainy weather that we had to make do with, so I’m sure that in the summer it will be absolutely spectacular.

Additional Info


5 Mazniashvili  Str., Batumi  


(+995) 597 56 11 98



2 PM - 1 AM