On the south-east coast of the Black Sea a strong and rich country, the “Golden Kolkheti," existed, ruled by King Ayet, who lived in a palace in Kutaisi surrounded by fresh water, milk and fragrant oil fountains. Thin kof this golden era and you will surely have the legend of Jason, Medea and the Argonauts come to mind.

That is why Kutaisi, one of the world’s oldest towns, was chosen in which to build the Argo Cafe as a revival of the legend of the Argonauts. The restaurant, as gastronomic "Golden Fleece" is located on the Rioni River and in exterior and interior responds to the legendary themes.

Residents of the city, approved of the idea Levan Sharabidze, restaurant head and his friends came up with, and so another fascinating, beautiful and architecturally well prepared restaurant was built on the River Rioni aiming to delight every guest with its unique characteristics.

For both foreign and Georgian visitors, the place has been prepared as a memorial to the past, with scenes of the Argonauts on their journey painted directly onto room dividers, and great fountains adorning the yard which also boasts a fascinating view of the river bank.

Argo’s guests are proud to come to the historic site where the "golden chord" was built in the late feudal period. In the early 17th century, it had a stone wall with palaces, halls, and religious buildings situated within. Today, Cafe Argo is located here.

“The hall in the center was painted with frescoes and was a place for the feasting of the kings of Imereti, the business of meeting, and majesty,” says the head of the restaurant. “Next to the it is the historical treasure of the time: a stone throne in which the kings of Imereti once sat, today enjoyed by our guests.”

In addition to the space, guests have a wide variety to choose from on the menu, which features not only traditional Georgian cuisine but also many famous and little-known foreign dishes.  Many chefs are often invited to work with and train the Argo cooks, resulting in much-loved dishes enjoyed by guests against a background of live music performed by professional musicians.

The newly built halls of Argo are always crowded. Foreign and Georgian writers, poets, actors and ordinary citizens leave the place with pleasurable impressions and expectations for the next visit.

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9 Rustaveli Str., Kutaisi


(+995) 558 88 77 66


10.30 AM - 12 AM