Memo opened in January 2018, and immediately brought a pinprick of light to the cold, grey winter days. On one of the most popular backstreets of Tbilisi’s fashionable Vake district, the cafe specializes in high-end coffee drinks. Its website boasts its use of exclusive coffee beans from Climpson & Sons, “pioneers in the evolving London specialty coffee scene.” 

I can’t say my palate is refined enough to identify the origin of coffee beans, but I do know that the coffee here is excellent - probably the best this side of Vake. 

The café usually has a sandwich or two on offer, plus a few options for homemade pastries. I wouldn’t recommend you come here hungry, but when their secret recipe cake is on offer, definitely try a slice! Their hot chocolate is also amazing, complete with a side of marshmallows.

The minimal wood interior manages to be both light and airy and cozy at the same time. The large tables make it a good place for a meeting or catching up on some work – or you can grab a book from their library and just relax! Memo also periodically offers barista courses and special events, including piano concerts. It does have WiFi.

Additional Info


49  I. Abashidze Str., Tbilisi


(+955) 598 25 79 99



10 AM - 10 PM